ChayaTrainee Adventurer

A passionate dreamer, Chaya has passed her
trainee examination with her impressive combat skills
and is now working hard to become a Professional Adventurer.

She has sharp senses and intuition, but can also be too hot-headed. She often breaks things accidentally during missions, which gets in the way of advancing up the guild.

She likes to eat and boast about her deeds. Her exaggerated claims make people see her as something of an amusing figure. She has few desires but pursues them relentlessly, and she takes promises with others seriously.

EffieBear Bakery Owner

An orphan whose parents died when she was young, Effie has been running the family bakery on her own since
she was a child. She works hard to showcase the flavors of her hometown.

Because she relies heavily on experience,
she is a bit out of touch with things outside the scope of her experience, and can sometimes make fantastical requests.

She is optimistic and extroverted, but her childlike nature means that she can also suddenly burst into tears if she feels upset. She doesn't bear grudges and immediately treats strangers as if they were close friends.

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